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Frequently Asked Questions2020-10-01T22:29:23+01:00
What is an RTV Mould?2020-10-01T22:27:26+01:00

An RTV mould is a liquid silicon rubber mould that vulcanises at room temperature so does not require any additional heat or pressure to cure. These moulds are ideal for unusually shaped objects, sculptural pieces, delicate or antique items. They can be used for many different purposes and materials and we are happy to provide advice about their production and uses.

What are moulds made of?2020-10-01T22:27:08+01:00

In the most part our moulds are made of vulcanised silicon rubber, although we do make moulds out of other liquid silicon and room temperature vulcanising materials. When deciding on what mould you need youshould consider the heat and pressure exerted during vulcanising and how the rubber will part and how the pattern will come out of your mould. We are always available to advise on the best possible mould for your needs and to provide the longest lasting and most accurate mould for your requirements.

What types of mould do you make?2020-10-01T22:26:43+01:00

We can make many different types of mould to fit the requirement of the pattern from standard vulcanised silicon moulds to specialist large scale liquid rubber or RTV moulds.

Can I use PMC or similar for my patterns?2020-10-01T22:24:58+01:00

Yes, you can use precious metal clay or similar materials for your patterns as we can successfully mould most types of material, some thinner or more brittle patterns may be more difficult to reproduce but we have various molding materials and techniques that can achieve the desired results.

What is a sprue on a pattern?2020-10-01T22:24:18+01:00

The sprue on a casting is the feed where the metal travels along to the pattern. You can always ask us to add a sprue to your pattern for you or can ask us where we think the best place for it to go is. The easiest place to remove and clean off a sprue is not always the best place for the casting to be the most effective so often we can find a way round this.

What can my master pattern be made of?2020-10-01T22:24:28+01:00

The master pattern can be made of almost anything, all that is effected is the type of mould we make. Some patterns that are very fragile are moulded in a different material to perhaps a ring pattern in silver. Metal patterns are the most common but we can make moulds from many items including wood, ceramic, clay, precious metal clay (if fired and finished) and almost all metals. What we do remind people is that their casting will only be as good as there master patterns so if there is a defect in the master pattern it may well translate into the castings.

What will my pattern weigh if its a wax pattern or how do I calculate metal weight?2020-10-01T22:23:14+01:00

We use the following as a rough estimate for the calculation and conversion of weights between materials, please note that this is for estimation purposes and should not be used as an exact calculation as many factors can effect the final weights.

Wax to Bronze Multiply by 9.0
Wax to Silver 925 Multiply by 10.5
Wax to Gold 9ctY Multiply by 12
Wax to Gold 14ctY Multiply by 13.5
Wax to Gold 18ctY Multiply by 15
Wax to Gold 18ctW Multiply by 16
Wax to Platinum 950 Multiply by 20
Silver to Gold 9ctY Multiply by 1.1
Silver to Gold 18ctY Multiply by 1.5
Gold 9ctY to Gold 9ctW Multiply by 1.1
What metals do you cast in?2020-10-01T22:20:37+01:00

We cast in all precious metals and base metals/copper alloys including most bronzes.

What is the casting process you use?2020-10-01T22:21:01+01:00

The diagram below is a basic outline of the lost wax casting process we use, it is flexible and can be tailored or adapted in numerous ways to meet our customers requirements.

Can you hallmark my castings?2020-10-01T22:16:06+01:00

We can get your items hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office with our sponsor mark if you do not have your own mark (information about hallmarking can be found on the Birmingham Assay Office website http://www.theassayoffice.co.uk/).

If you have your own mark set up with an Assay Office then we can send your items to them to be marked or have them delivered for hallmarking.

We can provide some advice and guidance with regards hallmarking but the best place for information is one of the assay offices, links to their web sites below.

Birmingham Assay Office – http://www.theassayoffice.co.uk/

Sheffield Assay Office – http://www.assayoffice.co.uk/

London Assay Office – http://www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk/welcome-to-the-assay-office/

Edinburgh Assay Office- http://www.edinburghassayoffice.co.uk/

How long will my casting take?2020-10-01T22:16:01+01:00

This is dependent on how many pieces you require and the type of piece but as an average a casting run from a supplied or existing mould takes 5-7 working days. If you are supplying us a new master pattern or model then the lead time is on average 10 working days.

Can you work directly from my CAD/3D printed model?2020-10-01T22:15:56+01:00

Yes, we have worked with my cad models or 3d printed masters. We have many years of experience of turning them into silver master patterns or if required of going directly into the moulding process with specialist rubbers that enable us to produce moulds from these buildable materials.

Can I send in my own wax carving or pattern?2020-10-01T22:15:51+01:00

Yes, we often cast one off wax carvings into pieces for our customers or we can cast them into silver to be returned for turning into a master patters. If you require we can turn the newly cast wax carving into a master pattern for you in-house and proceed to the moulding process.

Can I send you a CAD file?2020-10-01T22:15:44+01:00

You can send us CAD files and we can work from these or other 3D files. Will will check the file first and let you know if it is a compatible format and if we can work with it. Once we have the file we can make you a pattern and progress with your production.

Can you create bespoke or one off designs?2020-10-01T22:15:38+01:00

Yes, we can create individual/bespoke pieces and do so for many of our customers, we can provide a full service at whatever level you require, whether you have a design already or want to start from an idea we can produce your piece.

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